The Best (and Worst!) Times To Get Married in Orlando

3 Little Known Tips to Help You Pick Your Wedding Date

Woot woot-- you're engaged! Congratulations!! If you're planning a wedding in or around Orlando, Florida probably one of the very first things you will start to consider is your wedding date. After all you can't do much else without having a date and venue reserved first!

Here are some little known tips to help you choose the best date for your Central Florida wedding!

1. The Peak Months are October/November and Then March
It's important to know when peak wedding season is in Orlando because that will heavily determine venue and vendor availability! Saturdays during peak months will go very quickly and your key vendors (venue, photographer, DJ & caterer) will book out 12-15+ months out.

If you are thinking about getting married during peak wedding season in Central Florida it's going to be crucial that you plan far in advance in order to get your first pick when it comes to your vendors! I like to tell people that October & November for wedding vendors is like April for tax preparers-- it's pure wedding chaos.

Surprise proposal in Orlando at The Castle Hotel rooftop captured by top Orlando engagement photographer

2. Off Season is June, July & August
This might seem obvious, but these are actually peak wedding months in most other states. Out-of-towners traveling into Florida for their destination wedding may not realize this is our down season. The main reason is because of the extreme heat, immense humidity and potential for thunderstorms that make summers in Central Florida some of the most uncomfortable times of the year.

With that in mind, getting married during the off season CAN offer some perks! Because it is so slow during those months, you are more likely to find your top vendor picks are available even if you are planning last minute. You may also find some vendors are more willing to work with your budget and can be a little more flexible in their offerings than during peak dates.

If you do decide to go for a Summer wedding in Florida however, I would highly recommend you go with an all indoor venue for both your ceremony and reception! No matter what anyone tells you-- you WILL regret having an outdoor wedding in the Summer and heat exhaustion is a real thing. Not to mention the gallons of sweat for the poor guys in suits (that is nearly impossible to photoshop!), melted wedding cakes and humidy ravaged hair. Air conditioning will be your best friend-- I promise.

3. Weekday Weddings Are More Popular Than You Think!
Of course the most popular dates are always going to be Saturdays. Those are the first ones to book at wedding venues and are often snatched up well over a year in advance. However, don't underestimate the option to get married on a weekday or a Sunday. They are actually more popular than you think and your closest friends & family will make the needed arrangements to attend even if it's not a weekend (and if you are worried about your guest count getting out of control, it can be a sneaky way to trim down the guest list too!)

You may also gain some budget perks with special rates at some venues if you get married on a weekday. However don't expect any huge discounts from your other key vendors since it's still the same amount of work for us no matter what day of the week you choose to get married!


Once you finally choose the perfect date consider the best time of day for your ceremony! For photos, "golden hour" (which takes place 1-2 hours before sunset) is the best, most dreamy natural light there is. So if you plan to have your ceremony end by the start of golden hour you are going to have the best potential for the most gorgeous portraits afterward!


Elle is an Orlando based photographer & videographer whose weddings have been internationally published. She has been a full time photographer since 2013 and is best known for her candid photography style & fun-loving personality.