Proposal Photography Advice | 3 Tips for the Best Proposal Photos

Surprise proposal and engagement at Lake Eola in downtown by top Orlando wedding photographer

Orlando Proposal Photographer | 3 Tips for the Best Proposal Photos

So you’ve finally decided to pop the question! And better yet, you’ve hired a professional photographer (and maybe even videographer) to capture the whole thing! SCORE. With as much time as you have taken to plan the picture perfect moment, it is still a surprise proposal at the end of the day so you never know exactly how it’s going to go down. With that in mind, I wanted to share some helpful tips that will help make for the best photos in my own experience as an Orlando proposal photographer! 

Close up of the custom engagement ring he used to propose at Bok Tower

#1 – Get Down and STAY Down

The money shot is of course that photo of you on bended knee holding up the ring! In that moment, it will feel like you are on one knee for an eternity. However, in reality it goes by very quickly! Chances are those over-the-top proposal images you are seeing online are actually staged, because getting the perfect shot in the moment is quite challenging since it happens so fast. So make it a point to slow down and don’t rush it.

Come up with a nice little speech to say beforehand as well as during the proposal. And once you’ve kneeled, try to stay down there for as long as possible. Of course we can’t control your future fiance’s reaction, but it does help if you plan accordingly and just keep talking for a bit. Chances are she won’t want to cut you off mid-sentence and it will give me a few extra seconds to capture plenty of golden moments! 

#2 – Don’t Give Me Your Back

Of course I’ve got your back during the planning process and leading up to the big moment.. but when it’s time to pop the question, I literally don’t want to see your back! I know there’s going to be a lot running through your mind, but it’s important that I can see both of your reactions. You will see me before you do anything, so just make sure that when you go to propose you position yourself with your side profiles to where I’m standing and you don’t give me your back.

#3 – Share Your Expectations With Me

It’s important for me to understand what is most important to you during our time together, especially because it is limited. My flow is typically very similar from shoot to shoot, but if what you’re envisioning is a little different then it’s important to let me know. Is the engagement ring custom made so you want extra detailed close up shots of it? Are you expecting a dramatic reaction and you’re hoping for tight shots of her face? Is the scenery extra special to you so you want to make sure it’s a focal point? Talk to me about your vision down to the littlest detail and that way I can really focus on what matters most to the two of you! 


Most importantly, enjoy the moment and soak it in! It’s not really just a photo opp after all.. it’s your big moment to profess your love– and let’s be real, it’s probably the first and last thing you will ever plan when it comes to “wedding” stuff! So make it count. ;)


Emily is shocked and totally surprised when Daniel pops the question in a surprise marriage proposal at DIsney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort



Author: Elle Baez, Orlando wedding & proposal photographer and closet Taylor Swift fan