Wedding Advice | 5 Things Your Hair & Makeup Artist Wants to Tell You

Disney bride getting her hair and makeup done by Laura Reynolds Artistry for her destination wedding at Sea Breeze Point

5 Things Your Hair & Makeup Artist [Secretly] Wants You to Know

Before I became an Orlando wedding photographer, I would have probably told you that my dream job was to be a celebrity makeup artist! Granted I probably would not have been any good at it, but I always loved watching makeup tutorials on YouTube (I still do!) and it really seemed like such an epic job! Fast forward several years and now I have tons of amazing hair and makeup artist friends that I get to work with every weekend on weddings. Like most jobs, there are so many things that you just don’t know until you go behind the scenes and experience it first hand. So I enlisted the help of my go-to hair and makeup teams to bring you some helpful wedding beauty tips and advice straight from the pros themselves!

Black and white image of Bride getting ready for her backyard wedding in Kissimmee Florida

#1 Your makeup artist cannot change the texture of your skin

There’s a lot of magic your artist can do when it comes to makeup like contouring and concealing, but when it comes to texture—that’s one thing (unfortunately) that is beyond their reach. Skin texture issues like unevenness, acne, or raised scars cannot be fully corrected with makeup so it’s important to have realistic expectations when it comes to skin texture and discuss any concerns in advance.

Close up of brides beautiful hair and makeup for her Paradise Cove wedding in Orlando, Florida#2 Photo ready makeup is different from ‘everyday’ makeup

‘Photography friendly’ makeup is totally different from ‘night out on the town with your girlfriends’ makeup. Sometimes brides that aren’t used to wearing makeup on a regular basis will worry their lipstick is too dark or their eye makeup is too much, but it’s important to note that in order for it to photograph well you have to go a little heavier with the application. Trust your artist—as long as you hired an experienced wedding pro, they will know exactly what they are doing in this department. If you’re worried, opt for a makeup trial in advance to avoid any mishaps on the wedding day.

#3 Be ready when your artist arrives

I’ve heard stories of hair and makeup teams arriving to the hotel only to find the bride is still asleep in bed! Not only will this set back your timeline (and frankly it’s disrespectful to the artist) it can also hinder your overall look. Be sure you and your girls are up early as needed so you’re ready to go when your hair and makeup team arrives. You should have a clean, bare face free of lotions or products and day old hair for the best result! If you are able to set aside a clutter free space (near a window if possible) where they can also set out their brushes and makeup that is a huge plus.

#4 They want to SEE your ideas and inspiration

The phrase “natural glam” can mean ten different things to ten different people! Have some inspiration photos on your phone ready to show your artist the look you want for your hairstyle and makeup so you are both on the same page from the get go. Better yet, schedule your hair & makeup trial in advance so there are no surprises on the wedding day! (Side note: The trial is not free, but it’s often offered at a reduced cost when booking services for your wedding day.)

#5 Have your payment (and gratuity!) ready to go

There is nothing more uncomfortable than standing around hashing out money questions or trying to find change as you’re getting ready to head out the door and get married. Yet I have personally seen bridesmaids scrambling to find cash or going back and forth about pricing the morning of the wedding. Save everyone the awkwardness. Know exactly what amount is due in advance and have it ready to go for your artist. And pleeeease don’t forget to tip them!

Huge thanks to all of the contributing hair & makeup pros!

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