Wedding Advice | 3 Tips for Finding Your Dream Dress

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Orlando Wedding Advice | Guest Post: 3 Tips for Finding Your Dream Dress

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of being newly engaged! As a wedding photographer, I’m constantly swooning over all the pretty dresses I get to shoot, but I do secretly wish I could get re-married (to the same guy of course!) just to try on dresses again. From detachable skirts to sheer sleeves to low cut backs, I am just in LOVE with all of the new 2018 bridal trends. For all of my newly engaged brides who are on the hunt for your dream dress, I’ve teamed up with the fashion gurus at The Bridal Finery in Winter Park! They are sharing 3 crucial tips to finding the perfect gown for your big day. And of course, don’t forget to put The Bridal Finery on your list of boutiques to visit– they have a truly unique selection of made-to-order dresses, runway samples and re-sale dresses!


As a professional bridal stylist for almost a decade and bridal boutique owner I have seen brides come in frustrated, not knowing what to expect, influenced by others experiences or influenced by what they have watched on TV shows. I am excited to share some advice on how to better prepare for your bridal appointments and make the best out of each appointment. 

Orlando wedding photographer captures wedding dresses at boutique in Winter Park called The Bridal Finery#1 Have realistic expectations

When shopping for your wedding dress, make sure you know the price of the gowns you have been pinning or seeing online. Remember, when you see photos online or in a magazine, you are seeing a full picture– the hair, makeup, the scenery, not just someone in a dress in a bridal boutique looking in the mirror. When you see that photo, you are falling in love with the whole concept of the photo, not just the dress. It’s important to consider the look of your venue and the design elements of your wedding day when shopping for your dress. 

#2 Be open to falling in love with your first gown

If you have booked more than one wedding dress appointment, don’t let fear of the unknown cause you to not buy the gown you fell in love with. Don’t rule out a gown because it is your first store, or because you don’t know what else is out there. The reality is, there will always be another store, another gown, another designer and another favorite. If you are in a gown that you love, and it gives you all the feelings– stop. The same way that you did when you found the one that you decided to marry! The reality is that no one else will ever know that there was a second favorite, or what “number gown” you picked. Enjoy the moment and check it off the list! After all, there are so many other wedding planning decisions that you still need to make. 

#3 You don’t have to buy a cookie cutter gown

In the age of “custom” everything, why wouldn’t you want to personalize your gown too? As an expert bridal stylist, I have been able to take one dress, and customize it with elements of many different gowns! It is as simple as styling it with different accessories, and sometimes even putting two different styles together. I remember that I had one bride that fell in love with the skirt of a Rivini gown, but she loved the neckline of a different Rivini gown– so we decided to put it together! There are times that I have added custom sleeves, cut down the back of the gown, or changed the shape of the neckline. It all comes down to the knowledge of your bridal stylist and the reputation of the seamstress you use.

Author: Roberta Noronha, co-owner and bridal stylist at The Bridal Finery