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Guest Post: How Can A Honeyfund Give You A Dream?

There is no bigger dream to most couples than their dream wedding. We have the portrait in our minds and each detail fits onto the canvas until our one-of-a-kind masterpiece is created. When we begin to shape each of the details, we are often faced with the reality that those details are expensive. The average price of a wedding in the United States is $26,645.00. It is not unusual for a wedding to exceed $30,000.00. This for a couple who are just beginning their careers and often enter the marriage with student loans and other debt.

So, what does the couple do? They have two choices. They can start cutting and dissecting the wedding dreams until the portrait looks nothing like the masterpiece of their dreams, or they can step into the world of crowdfunding and allow those who love them to give them a gift of a lifetime.

Honeyfund is the most popular wedding registry site in the world and with good reason. Honeyfund is free for the couple and free for the gifters, and it is easy. When a couple creates a Honeyfund account, they create a way for their family and friends to give them wedding gifts that they really want. The couple sets up the fund and shows their guests what they are trying to accomplish. They may have a fund for the wedding dress or the gowns for the bridal party. They link the site to the gown of her dreams, and her guests contribute the money they have set aside for their gifting and the funds grow until the dream dress becomes a reality. The bride is happy and the guests are thrilled to gift something special. Other parts of the wedding, honeymoon, travel and reception can be included in the Honeyfund.

Another special part of a wedding is the photography. When the wedding finally comes together and the couple knows their dream is about to be their reality, they want the best photographer. The professional photographer will have a website and portfolio to show potential customers and their guests the packages that will memorialize this special occasion. Guests simply gift the couple the funds they intended for the traditional gift, and together they build the funds to have these wonderful memories forever.

Other wedding contributions listed on Honeyfunds:

  • The wedding cake
  • The reception at a special location
  • Invitations and printed materials
  • Flowers
  • Wedding rings

Other Honeyfund ideas

A couple may choose a smaller wedding and their Honeyfund will reflect that. They may ask for contributions for a special family to travel from other countries to attend their celebration. Or they may ask for contributions to be made to assist a friend or family member who is suffering illness or financial setback.

Here are a few ideas that have been seen on Honeyfund accounts:

  • Donations to charity
  • Donations to planet conservation organizations
  • Funds to use as a downpayment on a home
  • Paying off student loans and other debt
  • Remodeling or adding a nursery to a home
  • College fund contributions for children

Once the Honeyfund has been set up, the couple must let everyone know about it. They do this by adding the internet address to their printed invitations. They set up social media accounts for their wedding which is linked to the Honeyfund. They use these accounts to keep everyone up to date on the progress of the wedding. They share the news on all social media accounts.

When someone makes a contribution, they tastefully acknowledge them. They handle each guest and each gift with grace. This is how they create their masterpiece. Honeyfund works.

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