Wedding Photography Advice | 3 Reasons the Engagement Session is a Must

Orlando wedding photographer captures romantic and playful engagement photography session at Rollins college in Winter Park with the couples cat and dog

Orlando Wedding Photographer | 3 Reasons the Engagement Session is a Must

As a newly engaged couple researching Orlando wedding photographers, one thing you will find is that some photographers always include an engagement shoot in their collections while others do not or offer it only as an add-on. Personally, I have done both over the past few years running my photography business and after trying out both options I can overwhelmingly say I think the engagement shoot is a must! So much so, that a complimentary engagement session is included in every one of my wedding photography & videography collections. Even then I am sometimes asked if the engagement session can be removed from the collection. While I am always happy to customize a collection to meet my couple’s needs, the engagement session is one that I truly don’t suggest removing and here is why!

Playful and romantic engagement photography session at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside resort captured by top Orlando wedding photographer#1 It’s a trial run for the wedding day

You get to see how I pose and direct and get used to my style of shooting! Every photographer is different and if you have never been in front of a camera before you won’t know what to expect. This is your opportunity to become an expert (which all of my couples are by the end of the shoot!) so that on the big day you already know exactly what to expect. Not to mention if there’s something that you don’t absolutely love at the engagement shoot, we have an opportunity to address it before the wedding day!

#2 It’s our opportunity to bond

I will be with you on the wedding longer than your own spouse will! So it’s kiiind of important that we are able to connect and spend some quality time together without the stress of the wedding day looming. It’s important for me to get to know you better and it truly does make a difference on the wedding day because all the awkward stranger vibes will be long gone!

#3 It’s the only other time you’ll have formal portraits taken

Aside from your wedding day, this is likely the ONLY other opportunity you will have to get professional portraits taken of the two of you. And as amazing as your wedding photos will be, you don’t want to cover your walls with photos of you only in your wedding attire. It’s nice to have pro photos taken in regular clothes that you can frame on the wall of your home. BONUS– You can also use them for things like ‘Save the Dates’ or as decor at your wedding reception!

Author: Elle Baez, Orlando wedding photographer extraordinaire & Instagram filter addict