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Leu Gardens Orlando Wedding Photography

Leu Gardens Orlando Wedding | Gabby & Mike

On October 17th I had the extreme pleasure of joining Gabby and Mike for their wedding day at the beautiful Leu Gardens in Orlando! And no, I am not exaggerating when I say ‘extreme pleasure’ because this couple is so awesome it’s literally impossible not to enjoy yourself when you are around them. They had me laughing all day long! Gabby is such a firecracker and her incredible energy is contagious. Her expressions were so much fun to capture as a photographer! As a matter of fact I was highly tempted to create a collage entitled “The many faces of Gabby” but I resisted the urge– for now! ;) Mike on the other hand is so chill and has this awesomely sarcastic sense of humor– just non-stop FUN all around with these two! I love photographing couples like them that so obviously compliment each other!

Their ceremony was in the romantic rose garden and although it was unseasonably hot for October (I’m guessing it was over 90 degrees with the sun directly overhead!) they were all troopers and I think it’s safe to say it was worth the buckets of sweat to watch them become husband & wife! Mike also surprised his beautiful bride with an incredible 1950s vintage car which was to die for. I mean seriously that car was made for them. I had such a blast documenting their love story and I hope you can get just a small sense of their awesomeness in the highlights below!


Getting Ready Venue: Grand Bohemian
Venue: Harry P. Leu Gardens
Cake: Party Flavors
Catering: John Michael Events
Coordinator: Liza Sontos
Musicians: Strings & Things
Dress: Alfred Angelo
Officiant: Charles Sikorski
Makeup: Tiffany Morris
Vintage Car: VIP Wedding Transportation

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That moment when Beyonce “Single Ladies” comes on.. and your bride starts to break. it. down. Yaaaaas!Leu-Gardens-Wedding-Photographer-29 Leu-Gardens-Wedding-Photographer-30 Leu-Gardens-Wedding-Photographer-31Leu-Gardens-Wedding-Photographer-28