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3 Tips for the Best Wedding Video (Hint: It’s All About the Sound!)

When I first started Captured by Elle Photography at the end of 2013, we only offered wedding photography and we had the opportunity partner with lots of different Orlando videographers in the process. Over time we realized how closely intertwined photography and videography are and how beneficial it would be to our couples to offer both services together. By popular demand we added wedding videography services to our collections in the Summer of 2015!

Starting as a photographer first and learning the videography aspect of it was really eye opening. There are so many things that are obvious about taking a still photograph because, well everyone does it! Everyone has a point and shoot camera or at least a cell phone that they are using to snap pics. However professional videography isn’t something that most people have experience with. 

The most important aspect that is overlooked when it comes to your wedding video is the audio! Think about it. You can be watching the most impeccably produced movie with killer graphics, an all-star cast and all kinds of special effects– but if the audio is no good, then none of those things matter! When it comes to your wedding film the same thing applies. All the drone footage and slow-mo’s in the world are nothing without clear, crisp audio of your day.Orlando wedding photographer and videographer captures rustic wedding at the Lakeside ranch in Inverness

Here are 3 important tips to keep in mind when it comes to capturing audio in order to help us create the best possible wedding video for you! 

#1: Let your officiant know in advance that they will be recorded

On the wedding day we will typically mic both the officiant and the groom (and in rare cases, the bride). It’s important to inform your officiant that we will be placing a recorder with a lavalier microphone on them. This is not for the purpose of amplifying the sound like an actual microphone would. It’s solely for the purpose of recording clean audio. It’s recommended that they wear clothing that can conceal the recorder which is about the size of a phone. A blazer or jacket for both men or women is ideal. We also don’t want to catch them off guard when we ask to mic them so it’s always nice when they are expecting us! If your officiant does not wish to have a recorder placed on them, it is very important that we know in advance so that we can plan accordingly.

#2: Have a microphone at the ceremony

A secondary source of audio for your wedding day will be the microphones on our cameras that will pick up everything going on around us. However if you are not saying your vows into a microphone, chances are your guests won’t really be able to hear you– and neither will we. Ask your DJ if they can provide a microphone on a stand at your ceremony. There’s usually no extra charge for this and it will ensure that everyone (including our cameras) will be able to hear you say “I do”.

#3: Let the DJ know your videographer will need to plug into their soundboard

The best way to capture audio especially during your reception is going to be right through the DJ’s soundboard. This is a common practice amongst all professional wedding videographers and DJ’s (which is why it’s so important to hire a pro!) but it never hurts to mention it. We provide all of the cables necessary to capture audio from their system and it will not interfere with their gear at all! If there is any type of a concern on their end, just let us know and we will contact them directly to ensure we are all on the same page before your big day.

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BONUS TIP! We work with some incredible officiants and DJ’s in the Orlando area that make great partners as we seek to capture the most beautiful film of your day. If you need recommendations for awesome professional vendors that are also great team players, let us know– we are happy to send some referrals your way. 

Author: Elle Baez, Orlando wedding photographer & videographer and hardcore adventure addict