Wedding Advice | 4 Reasons Hiring a Wedding Videographer is a Must

Flower petal exit from Disney's wedding pavilion by Orlando photographer

Guest Post: 4 Reasons Hiring a Wedding Videographer is a Must!

A wedding photographer and videographer?! That must be overkill; One is definitely enough; Think about the budget! It may seem like overkill beforehand, but hiring a wedding videographer is an absolute must. From the morning of, and the behind the scenes, to the ceremony, to the toasts, and to the dancing. Having a videographer on your wedding day will ensure that all the joyous things you may have missed will be forever captured and readily available for you to relive whenever you’d like! In this video-centric day and age, to have a videographer at your special day isn’t even a question. But incase you needed a little more convincing, here’s why hiring a wedding videographer is non-negotiable.

Stress Relief

The wedding planning process is chaos, controlled chaos if you’re lucky. Regardless of whether or not a professional planner is leading the charge. By hiring a professional wedding videographer, you can breathe a, albeit small, sigh of relief, knowing that your moment and your day full of little moments will be captured beautifully. Peace of mind goes a long way when dealing with the most important day of 2 people’s lives and by hiring the right videographer, all of the the events most important to you will be preserved. Experienced wedding videographers will understand your vision and spend their night crafting a specialized video just for you.

Close up of the wedding rings by Orlando photographerAll The Wonderful Sights & Sounds

Your wedding day will happen very quickly and even though it is a day all about you, you won’t be able to see everything. From the happy guests arriving, to your grandmother tearing up at your vows, these moments are all precious and you’ll be behind the scenes, or out in front, when they happen. With a wedding video, you’ll get to see all the wonderful, emotional reactions that you missed because you were busy being the star of the show. A video will capture the adorable flower girl, your parents dancing, and friends and relatives experiencing your special moment! And you’ll be able to watch those cherished events, many times over.

One of my favorite things about video is the fact that the sounds of your wedding will also be preserved. Hearing the gasps as you make your initial entrance; the wonderful toasts from your Maid of Honor and your mom or dad; the laughter at the jokes from the best man’s embarrassing speech; your “I dos.” You’ll be able to relive these wonderful moments and not only watch your first kiss as newlyweds, and your dance with your Dad, but you’ll be able to hear the happiness in the room when it all happened. Photos are beautiful, but they fail to capture the movements or the sounds, which is why having a wedding video is so important.

Professionalism & Expertise

More and more people are dabbling in the world of wedding photography and videography these days. So why hire a professional wedding videographer when your Aunt just got a new iphone and your nephew is taking a film class in his high school. They’d certainly save you a lot of money.

Well, you get what you pay for. It holds true for the caterer, the event space and certainly the videographer. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially with the cost of everything else going into your special day. But do you really want an amateur in charge of filming the most important day of your life? Is it worth the risk? I can tell you, it isn’t. When you hire a professional, you get professionalism. You get an individual or a team that have done this a hundred times over; and they’ve thought of everything. The batteries will be charged, memory cards will be formatted (and plentiful), and the lighting will be perfect. They’ll film the right amount of candid laughter, and perfectly frame your vows. There’s a flow that you’ll notice once you watch your video and it only occurs with the expertise that comes from experience. Don’t skimp on the wedding video because you don’t want to lose those memories or the feeling you had on your wedding day.

Professional Gear, Professional Quality

This very well may be the most important reason to hire a professional wedding videographer. What distinguishes a professional from an amateur is the quality of work. Both the professional and the amateur can create and deliver work that they’re proud of. There’s a large discrepancy between those two final projects, however. A professional will understand the movements of film, the way to create a scene and capture an emotion. On top of that expertise, they will also have the necessary equipment to accomplish what you desire and what they envision. An amateur may have a keen eye, but without the experience, and without gear like a camera crane, or a video camera jib, handheld stabilizers, extra LEDs, or a quick-release system, an amateur videographer won’t be able to realize their vision or bring your wishes to life.

Today’s technology is moving at a lightening fast pace. But just because everyone is carrying a high quality camera in their pocket, does not make them a professional. With a little research, you’re certain to find a reliable, professional videographer that will be able to compose a wonderful retrospective of your wedding day for you to enjoy for years to come.


Author: Katie Conlon for ProAm USA, a leading provider of professional gear for filmmakers