Surprise Proposal Photography | Disney’s Grand Floridian, Orlando

Jordan & Eric | Orlando Proposal Photographer

This Disney fireworks Fall proposal was so much fun to capture! The fireworks shows have always been a favorite of mine, but shooting them at the park is practically impossible due to the heavy crowds that attend the show. However one of the very best ways to capture the beauty of the fireworks while still having a completely private environment to propose is on a boat tour. Granted they obviously take place on a small boat at night (where flash is a must!) so having a good cover story to explain why there will be a photographer on board is a must if you want the moment captured!

For Jordan’s surprise proposal, Eric disguised the entire thing as a birthday surprise! He even went as far as to get a “Happy Birthday” banner added to their pontoon boat reservation which was so perfect. I arrived to the Grand Floridian early to meet the boat driver and get into position. When they arrived, I posed as a professional Disney photographer and told them that I would be taking photos during the tour that they would be able to purchase later if they would like. I even had to tell a few white lies during the ride when Jordan starting asking me questions about my “photography gig” with Disney but it was all in the name of a good surprise!

When the moment finally happened and Eric got down on one knee– she was SHOCKED. Her reaction was so priceless! These are the moments that make my job as a photographer truly worthwhile because her face was everything. Once they returned back to the dock after the show she was met by yet another surprise– her family was there to congratulate them!

It was such a fun and beautiful night and I know it’s one that they will remember forever. Kudos to Eric for hiring a professional because there is no iPhone that would have been able to do this moment justice! See for yourself at some of the gorgeous images below!!

Surprise proposal at night during the boat tour from the Grand Floridian at Disney