Orlando Surprise Proposal Photography | Lake Eola, Downtown

Surprise Proposal Photography | Downtown Orlando

Surprise marriage proposals hold a special place in my heart! I think it’s because I just LOVE surprises– even if they are not for me! Being in on such a big secret, helping to plan it all out and then not knowing exactly what will happen next is just thrilling I tell ya! So of course when I got the first email about capturing a surprise proposal in Orlando, where the couple would be vacationing from Canada, I was super pumped and ready to get my proposal planning on. At this point I would normally have hashed out the details via telephone, but with my clients being from Ontario we settled on email being the easiest (and cheapest!) form of communication. We threw around a few ideas over the course of various emails, but at the end of the day we decided Lake Eola would be the perfect spot to pop the question. Since they are not from Orlando and we would not be meeting beforehand I knew it would be super important to give my future groom a landmark that couldn’t be missed so we decided on the beautiful flying birds sculpture, a staple at Lake Eola.

On the day of the proposal I threw on my secret spy lens (aka. my 70-200mm) and pretended to be casually capturing the swans as the couple approached the spot. Very incognito– I know! My heart was totally racing, but I played it super cool as I watched it all unfold smiling from behind my camera. Of course, she totally said yes and the look on her face when she finally caught me pointing a lens in their direction was priceless! We took advantage of the great weather for some official engagement photos around the park and caught a killer golden sunset to wrap up the session. All in all a pretty awesome proposal if you ask me! But I may be a little biased so take a look and let me know if you agree. :)

Surprise proposal at Lake Eola followed by an engagement photography session by top Orlando wedding photographerOrlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-2 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-3 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-4 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-5 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-6 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-8 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-9 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-10

Her face when she finally saw me! Cracks me up everytime. :-)Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-11 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-12 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-13 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-14 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-15 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-16 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-17 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-18 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-19 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-20 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-21 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-22 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-23 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-24 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-25 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-26 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-27 Orlando-Proposal-Engagement-Photography-28

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