Surprise Proposal Photography | Lake Eola, Orlando

Surprise proposal and engagement at Lake Eola in downtown by top Orlando wedding photographer

David & Haley | Orlando Proposal Photography

This surprise marriage proposal was definitely an exciting one! Let me first just say I LOVE photographing proposals because I really enjoy surprises and I get a legit adrenaline high from flawlessly executing a damn good surprise! I know it sounds a little nuts, but it’s one of the best feelings in the world to me.

So when I got the call from Dave’s future brother-in-law out of New York who told me he was helping plan the proposal for the couple who would be visiting from Ohio, and oh by the way it was also going to be a surprise family reunion with Haley’s mom and sister traveling in to Orlando… I knew it was going to be AWESOME. The most ironic part of all is that I probably only spoke to the future groom once. It was all planned through text, phone calls and video messages with various other family members! That’s because I couldn’t risk calling or texting Dave while Haley was around because according to her family, she would’ve surely uncovered our secret plan! :)

On the day of the proposal my heart is racing and I’m staring at my phone anxiously awaiting the text that they are on their way– but instead I get a text that they are running late. Normally this wouldn’t be a huge deal, but of course the sun is now setting over Lake Eola and we are losing light fast so I quickly suggested a last minute change of plans. When it finally all went down and I saw the look on Haley’s face– I knew we had all pulled it off! But the icing on the cake was walking unsuspecting Haley to the restaurant on Church Street where her family was waiting to surprise her. The tears and laughter was overflowing and I truly enjoyed capturing every little moment for this awesome couple to remember forever.

Enjoy some of my favorite images below and also check out the publication of this awesome proposal on the Floridian Social blog!

Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-2 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-3 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-4 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-5 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-6 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-7Proposal and Engagement at Lake Eola park by top Orlando wedding photographer Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-8 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-9 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-10 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-11 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-12 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-13 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-14 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-15 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-16 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-17 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-18 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-19 Surprise-Proposal-Lake-Eola-Orlando-Photographer-20

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