Surprise Proposal Photography | New Smyrna Beach

Surprise lesbian proposal at new smyrna beach by top Orlando LGBT same-sex wedding photographer

Alicia & Whitney | Orlando Proposal Photography

Alicia contacted me a few weeks prior after seeing a previous surprise beach proposal I captured on my blog. She envisioned a similar idea and wanted to propose to her girlfriend Whitney on her birthday weekend during sunrise which is her favorite time of day. Alicia and I both joked about how we were not morning people, but agreed were both very happy to make the sacrifice in order to make sure the surprise proposal went off without a hitch! Alicia was so meticulous in her planning bringing a notebook filled with detailed notes and even a map with an aerial view of the beach to our planning session. I could tell right away that Whitney meant the world to her and I knew capturing the love between them was going to be special.

On the day of the proposal, I arrived at New Smryna around 6:15am and wandered a bit along the quiet beach staying just close enough to where I could keep an eye on them without setting off any red flags. Around 6:45am, after much anticipation Alicia got down on one knee and asked Whitney to marry her. Of course she said yes and turned around not only to see a professional photographer snapping away, but also to see her parents and sister who had also come down from Orlando to be part of this awesome occasion as well! I had such a blast wandering around the beach and getting all kinds of sandy with these two– capturing the way they connected and laughed with each other was truly awesome and I’m so glad I was able to document a new chapter in their love story. I hope you enjoy some of the highlights from this gorgeous proposal below as much as I enjoyed capturing it.

Orlando engagement photographer captures surprise same-sex engagement on New Smyrna beach at sunrise Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-2 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-3 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-4 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-5Orlando-Proposal-Photographer-LGBT-Same-Sex-Engagement-BeachOrlando same sex wedding photographer LGBT Engagement Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-6 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-7 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-8 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-9 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-10 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-11 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-12 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-13  Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-15Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-14 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-16 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-17 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-18 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-19 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-20 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-21 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-22 Orlando-LGBT-Lesbian-Proposal-Engagement-Beach-Photography-23

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