Surprise Proposal Photography | New Smyrna Beach

Surprise proposal and engagement at sunrise at New Smryna beach by top Orlando wedding photographer

Jeff & Jen | Orlando Proposal Photography

So if you don’t know already– I’m slightly obsessed with surprise proposals. I totally admit it.. I’m a proposal addict. (Is that wierd..? Oh well.) Now let’s pair a marriage proposal with #1 the beach and #2 a sunrise and you’ve got one excessively giddy photographer on your hands. Never mind having to wake-up at 4am on two hours of sleep after having shot a wedding the night before that ended at 1:30am– sign me up! I’m crazy honored that Jeff let me in on his big surprise and asked me to capture this special moment for him and his girlfriend Jen.

Now with is being a 6:00AM sunrise proposal I did have a few concerns. Like what if she wants to show up in her PJ’s? I know I sure would! Luckily Jeff came up with a clever idea to formally ‘invite’ Jen to an awesome weekend getaway which would start at New Smyrna beach at sunrise and included the dress code requirements on the invitation. Smart guy I tell ya. We also decided on a signal he would use so that I knew when the actual proposal was going to go down which was a nice long stretch. ;-) It worked like a charm and Jen had no idea! But Jeff didn’t stop there, he even brought an awesome sea shell for me to stage her new engagement ring on. Did I mention the crazy-happy photographer part already? Anyway, take a look at some of my faves below and hopefully you’ll see just why I was in heaven with these two!

Surprise sunrise proposal at New Smyrna Beach by top Orlando photographer Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-2 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-3 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-5 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-6 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-7 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-8 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-9 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-10 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-11 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-12 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-13 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-14 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-15 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-16 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-17 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-18 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-19 Surprise-Proposal-New-Smyrna-Orlando-Photographer-20
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