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Volunteer Photographer | Street Team Orlando

Serving the community as a volunteer was always something I deeply enjoyed when I used to work in Corporate. There were always tons of company sponsored events and even a portal where employees could sign up to volunteer which I found myself doing on a regular basis. But when I started my own business, I found that was one of the (few) things I really missed about working for a big company. So I kept an eye out for new opportunities to make even the smallest difference by offering my photography services to support worthy causes.

When I ran across the Street Team Movement on Instagram, I was immediately intrigued. As much as I like to support national non-profit organizations there is something special about working with smaller local non-profits where you really feel like you can make a larger impact in your city. I quickly signed on to volunteer with Briana, who runs the Orlando Street Team organization and assists the homeless by offering food, remedial aid, and clean laundry. I joined Bri and her team at the Thornton Park Laundromat to capture the impact they are making in the community and found lots of smiling faces who, despite their circumstances, obviously find hope in the humble work the Street Team is doing. I look forward to continuing to work alongside this awesome group of volunteers and documenting the positive difference they make in the lives of the people they help each week. Volunteers are crucial in the work they do so please check them out on Instagram or Facebook and get involved in any way you can.


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