Wedding Photography Advice | 5 Things To Do Before Your Wedding Day

Article on 5 things to do before your wedding day by top Orlando photographer

Orlando Wedding Photographer | 5 Things To Do Before Your Wedding Day

As your wedding day approaches and you begin last minute preparations for the big day, there are a few helpful tips I like to share with all of my brides to help make sure your wedding photography is the best it can possibly be! Of course, none of these are deal breakers– trust me I can work with anything that’s thrown my way. ;) But they are nice to keep in mind and can make your wedding photos (and video!) that much better.

#1 – Get Your Rings Professionally Cleaned
Wedding ring close up by top Orlando wedding photographer

You usually have to go to your jeweler for this and sometimes they will have to send them out for professional deep cleaning so make sure to do this with enough time before your wedding. Once you get your super sparkly rings back, keep your engagement ring in the box! I know, I know… you feel naked without it– but it gets gunky with lotions and easily picks up fibers from clothing, and it will show up when I take a mega close up shot with my macro lens.


#2 – Get a Nice Dress Hanger

Wedding dress on hanger by top Orlando wedding photographer

Etsy has a plethora of adorable dress hangers from hand painted ones to sequin hangers to customized wire hangers! However, don’t feel like you have to get anything super fancy if you don’t want to. A simple notched wooden hanger will do just fine. (The notches are important otherwise the dress will slip right off!) What we want to avoid is the standard white plastic hangers from the dress shop. They tend to detract from that beautiful image of your wedding dress hanging by itself.

#3 – Have Your Dress, Shoes & Details Ready To Go

Wedding details including shoes and invitation captured by top Orlando wedding photographerOne of the first things I will do when I arrive on the wedding day is gather your details to shoot them. In order to get this done quickly so I can get right back to you for final prep, it is super helpful if you plan to have everything in one spot ready to go when I get there. You can set everything in one corner of the room with small items in a shoe box so I can easily grab it and go. You will want to have your dress (on it’s pretty hanger & with any tissue paper or cardboard removed), your shoes, jewelry including ALL of the rings, garter, veil, your complete invitation suite, and any other heirlooms or important details you’d like captured. We can get your wedding bands to the best man after, but it’s better to have them with you at the bridal suite so I can photograph them with your other details.

Extra Tip: The groom should do the same and have things like this tie, cuff links & shoes ready to go!


#4 – Plan to Keep The Getting Ready Area Un-clutteredBride getting ready on her wedding day captured by top Orlando wedding photographer

I know this can be hard! There are usually way too many people in the getting ready room and there are flip flops and bras flying everywhere. Just do your best to keep all the clutter in one corner, preferably away from windows which is prime photography real estate. If you have a hotel suite with two beds, but all of your bags and things on the bed closest to the door and leave the other bed and the area by the window as clean as possible. This will help tremendously to avoid distracting stuff in the background when you’re getting into your wedding dress.


#5 – Get Some Pretty Robes

Girls in cute robes before wedding ceremony by top Orlando wedding photographer


We will capture lots of fun moments as you are getting ready and getting coordinating robes for you and your girls make for extra pretty shots during this time! [Bonus points if you get them customized or monogramed and turn them into a gift for your bridesmaids.] What I like best about robes is that aside from being cute & comfy, they won’t ruin hair or makeup when you’re ready to get dressed.



Author: Elle Baez, Orlando wedding photographer and firm believer in Sunday brunch