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Kaycie & Erik | Orlando Wedding Photography

Kaycie and Erik were married on November 21st at the Tavares Pavilion on the Lake in what looked like a scene straight out of ‘The Notebook’. You remember the scene where Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gossling kiss passionately in the pouring rain? And you watched it curled up on the couch in your PJ’s scarfing ice cream like “Gaaahh that is SO romantic, I wish I was her”… yeah, well– wish granted. (Minus Ryan Gossling who I’m sure Kaycie didn’t miss!) I mean most brides would burst into tears at the sight of a raindrop on their wedding day– but not Kaycie.

As a matter of fact when it started to down pour and guests ran frantically inside literally just a few seconds before she was set to walk down the aisle, she turned to her wedding coordinator Rebekkah and said, “All that matters is Erik and me– I just want to get married.” And so they did..under the stars and in the rain, in a beautifully touching ceremony. Granted my second photographer and I made a mad dash to protect our equipment from mother nature, it was pure chaos for a quick minute there scrambling to figure it out! But we made it work and were able to capture this beautiful couple in all their glory as they became husband and wife.

I’m so thankful for amazing couples like them who despite all of the time and effort spent on making their wedding day perfect understand that the single most important thing about the day is that, at the end of it– they will be married and that is the ONLY thing that matters. As a bride who had a rainy wedding day myself, I could totally relate and it was a true pleasure to have been able to be their photographer and capture these incredible moments for them. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their romantic wedding day below.

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Vendors –

Venue: Tavares Pavilion on the Lake
Wedding Coordinator: Runway Events
Dress: Maggie Sottero
Shoes: Betsey Johnson
Catering/Bar: John Michael Weddings & Events
DJ: DJ Rey
Videographer: Remember this Day Productions
Makeup Artist: Meagan Murphy
Florist: Dana Ozment

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